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Hank Thompson's Drummer

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Hank Thompson's Drummer Empty Hank Thompson's Drummer

Post by Wildcat445 on Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:28 pm

I know a guy, who knows a guy, etc.  This guy writes a column for our local blab about trivia in country music.  A man after my own heart.  Anyways, this gentleman was kind enough to turn me onto a website that told me all about the musicians who worked for Hank Thompson.  There were some pretty high-priced talent who worked for Mr. Thompson.  I have repeatedly made the statement that Hank Thompson had the best drummer in the business, before or since.  I now know his name.

I posted a link to one of my favorite Hank Thompson tunes, "Where Is The Circus."  This song was recorded on May 19,1966 in the Dot/Warner Bros./Dunhill studio in Burbank CA.  It was originally released on Dot, later re-issued on Warner Bros and Curb.  This is a list of the artists who performed on that song:

Hank Thompson----vocals and guitar
Glen Campbell.......guitar
Merle Travis..........guitar
Curtis Potter.........guitar
Bert Rivera...........steel guitar
Red Wooten.........bass
Bobby Bruce........fiddle
Keith Coleman.....fiddle
Harold Hennsley..fiddle
Curley Lewis.......fiddle
Herbert L. "Hugo" Chambers.......drums.  This is the name I have been hunting all these years!
Jimmy Pruett......piano
Ron Hickman Singers, vocal accompaniment.

This may not mean beans to anybody but me.  I was so excited, I just had to share.

Here is a picture of Hank and the Brazos Valley Boys.

The feature that set Mr. Chambers apart from a typical country drummer was his mastery of the rim shot, one of my favorite tools of the trade of drummers.  He would typically play with one snare drum, a bass drum and cymbols on a stand.  He would hold a stick between the index and little fingers of his left hand, and a steel brush in his right hand.  He would drop the stick in his left hand on the rim and stir the brush with his right hand, much like he was stirring gravy.  This gave him a unique sound only heard on a Hank Thompson record.  

I have been trying to find out for 40 years who played drums for Hank Thompson.  One more thing done on my bucket list!  Very Happy


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Hank Thompson's Drummer Empty Re: Hank Thompson's Drummer

Post by Wildcat445 on Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:43 am

I see that my discovery of who Hank Thompson't drummer was is not a hot topic on TRF today. Shocked


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