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Things are getting slow here!

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Things are getting slow here! Empty Things are getting slow here!

Post by jerryhawthorne on Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:19 pm

I need more posts to read.  How about this one?  I have a 2014 VW Jetta Sport Wagon with the 2.0L diesel and love it.  A comfy simple car with a lot of room to carry stuff.  No diesel stink or loud clattering noise with a 30K average of 45 MPG.  It appears that VW did a little cheating on the emission testing with software and it seems it puts out way too much NOX.  This is going to cost VW big time with fines and "fixing" it.  They have stopped the sale of cars with that engine in CA and perhaps other states and it appears CA (we have a home there and AZ) won't even renew registration on cars registered there.  Ours in registered in AZ.
I like the car for many reasons as we do some travel between the two states 450 miles one way and it takes 10 gallons of now cheaper than regular fuel.  Other diesels (American made) use a urea based product to add to the exhaust which reduces NOX.  The cost of that might be buried in the cost of new diesel pick up trucks but of course you have to pee in the gas tank now and then. bounce
Not wrong to go after VW for their cheating but it will probably eliminate to only source of small diesel engines in the US.  Looking forward for the outcome and repair or buy back which might be cheaper.  The class action lawyers are after them, we get letters or e-mails every other day to join up.  The blood suckers.
Well my rant just to get some activity here!  Comments on your thoughts.


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Things are getting slow here! Empty Re: Things are getting slow here!

Post by Wildcat445 on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:15 pm

With consideration for this topic becoming rapidly "political" my only thought would be that when a company cheats, they should be held accountable. They have betrayed the trust their customers have placed in them by spending their money on a flawed product.


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